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The moment entrepreneurs successfully navigate through the first few months of their startup phase according to plan, their focus will inevitably shift to a more challenging and exciting course of their venture—expanding their business.

The process of growing one’s business entails taking big and small risks. These risks will often include financial demands and drastic improvisations on existing marketing strategies.

At the same time, business owners must see to it that, as they continuously grab opportunities to develop their company and their products, every step that they take is still aimed towards attaining their key objectives.

For startups, the expansion part may be the toughest endeavor that they will have to face before attaining the level of success that they aspire to reach. One reason for this is the limited number of manpower and resources that startups have.

This is where integrating the assistance of virtual assistant services comes into play.

Virtual assistance is a great option for startups because of the numerous advantages that it can provide. These advantages include:

1. Spending Less And Saving More

Virtual assistants help lessen the business’ operational expenses. Businesses can save up to 50% of the overall business budget intended for manpower, enabling them to maximize the business’ budget effectively.

The other 50% saved from remote hiring can be utilized to boost marketing campaigns, allot training and seminars for in-house employees and upgrade the company’s facilities.

Internet bills, electricity, food/snacks and financial benefits are likewise excluded from a business’ daily expenses when employing remote staff. 

Virtual assistants can charge the business at a strikingly lower rate as opposed to hiring regular, full-time staff. When hiring virtual assistants individually, negotiating a fixed rate for their services is easier and more straightforward.

Virtual assistants can present their demands depending on the responsibilities entailed with the job offer and the work experience and knowledge that the VA possesses.

Hiring virtual assistant agencies is also practical because it will save the company time and budget allotted for training new hires.

The agency will take care of scanning potential candidates who they think will be suitable for what the company needs in their team.

2. Scaling The Business Seamlessly

The best time to scale the business towards a higher level of success is when there is a stagnant turnaround time in terms of the employees’ deliverables.

That said, poor performance and incompetence will inevitably drag down the company’s progress and financial gains.

To achieve this, additional manpower is required. Additional manpower makes it easier to handle the ever-increasing volume of work in a small company.

The last thing that an entrepreneur wants is to delay operations and waste a considerable amount of effort and time. 

Hiring virtual assistants can aid not only in reducing incremental costs but also in maintaining the business’ flexibility. 

Provided that a specific number of hours per day or per week has been agreed upon by the company and the virtual assistant, VAs can work without a fixed schedule and without constant supervision.

The same thing holds true for when businesses hire VAs with more in-depth experience and knowledge in their field of expertise. The more knowledgeable and experienced the VA, the more complex tasks that the company can assign to them.

Remote staff can be hired on a contractual basis, making it less of a hassle to employ their services at a limited time. Once the contractual VA completes all the required working hours, they can conclude their commitment with the company or business that employed them.

The business, on the other hand, can move forward and find a new VA to partner with, depending on which of the company’s demands needs to be met with urgency.

3. Reorganizing The Business’ Well-being

In every business, an organized structure of operations and task delegation is necessary to ensure that everything goes according to company’s vision and plan.

Unfortunately, the more clients come in and demands for the services drastically increase, startups may find it difficult to keep an organized business structure

Operations and staff duties often become overlooked. The inability to maintain stability and regulate staff responsibilities especially during the business’ most critical times is a common weakness of most present-day entrepreneurs.

Thankfully, what may be considered as an entrepreneur’s weakness is, can, in fact, be among the core strengths of a virtual assistant.

It is true that not all business owners are digitally savvy. Virtual assistants are the opposite. Most virtual assistants are familiar with the current trends in digital marketing.

As such, their familiarity with contemporary customer and marketing demands enable them to provide relevant solutions and competent assistance. 

There are Tier 1 remote staff who can handle basic administrative and data entry tasks. Uncomplicated tasks tend to be more time consuming and even overlooked.

A Tier 1 VA can ensure that these tasks are handled seamlessly to lessen the workload on the part of the company. Tier 2 and Tier 3 VAs can take on more complex tasks, such as content writing, UI designing, programming, and search engine optimization.

With VAs available to handle a wide range of simple and complex tasks, the risk of committing operational mistakes and oversights is minimized.

4. Effective Handling Of Non-critical Tasks

Virtual Assistants can be delegated to take on non-critical tasks that spare time for the business.

These non-critical tasks can include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Appointment setting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Calendar management
  • CRM updates
  • Inbox management
  • Payroll
  • Phone call management
  • Social media management

Although startup owners can handle the above-mentioned tasks on their own or appoint in-house staff to handle it, it is better to assign non-critical tasks to a VA.

It is likewise more ideal to maximize available time on factors that require core competencies of office-based staff to generate higher revenue.

For instance, when working on a new marketing campaign, it is easier to brainstorm and discuss ideas when meeting face-to-face with employees.

Virtual Assistants Are Getting Better And Becoming More Flexible

Over the years, as the need for streamlining business costs have increased and customers grew more dependent on the internet, the industry of virtual assistant services has likewise been revamped to meet changing market trends, customer demands and standards set by competitors.

The shift into the digital space of several industries opened doors to more intricate, specialized and technical skills. As such, the spectrum of services that VAs can offer significantly expanded as well.

At present, these are some of the more specialized tasks and responsibilities that businesses can assign to a remote assistant:

  • App Development
  • Content Creation
  • Content Management
  • Data Protection
  • Digital Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Transcription
  • Translation Services
  • Website design and development

The aforementioned examples only show that the industry of virtual assistant services has undergone a major upgrade to contribute to the steady growth of several businesses.

Your Virtual Partners

A virtual assistant is more than just an individual working remotely to meet a business’ short and long-term demands. They have the potential to serve as a business’ “bread and butter” during its continuous growth.

With virtual assistants as a business’ wingman, they are able to significantly reduce expenses without compromising the company’s productivity.

More importantly, employing remote staff to fill operational gaps effectively boosts the business’ competence and efficiency.

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