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It is without a doubt that videos have changed the lives of both customers and business owners. In this fast-paced community where human attention span has relatively grown shorter, engaging videos can be used to easily attract one’s attention as it does not have text-heavy content that does not cater to all the different ways that people take in and process information.

Videos are engaging because of how a brand can incorporate compelling stories and information in a series of animation, snippets and effects, that, when combined together, effectively entertains the target audience. It is a quick and surefire way that businesses can capture the attention of their customers and possibly convince them into becoming a regular patron of their products and services.

It is necessary for a business to start creating video content through their highly skilled virtual assistants.

97% of digital marketers have reported that videos contribute to customers’ understanding of products or services

At present, social videos are preferred by most marketers. The creation and dissemination of social videos have become more apparent as customers immerse more time in the different social media platforms available. As a result, it is expected that video marketing will continue to dominate the world of online branding in the years to come. 

There are 4 major reasons why it is a must for business owners to consider the inclusion of video marketing in their advertising and customer acquisition strategies.

1. Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of website visitors who responded to a call to action. It may include:  

  • Providing an email in exchange for a free content
  • Opening an email
  • Buying a product

A study conducted by Wyzowl, a leading company in explainer videos, shows that 84% of clients who have watched a business video were convinced to make a purchase. This only implies that businesses should embrace video marketing and consider it as a worthwhile investment. 

2. Videos Explain Concepts that are Challenging to Grasp

Complex concepts are unquestionably difficult to explain if the details are expounded on merely through a phone call or email. Hence, this will result in erroneous interpretation, and a potential customer may decide not to continue to engage business. With video marketing, however, it is more convenient to explain technical terms. One can use animated videos that transform text into a visually compelling presentation that is more comprehensible to a wider range of customers.

It is also worth noting that if a business has a new product or service, they can ingeniously create a video that provides the audience with simple yet dynamic information on how the product or service can be used. Most users watch explainer videos on YouTube in order for them to be educated about a particular product that they wish to try. 

3. Videos Enable One’s Site to Rank Higher on Google

The longer visitors spend time watching a business’ videos, the more that Google’s algorithm will be able to determine whether a specific business website has relevant content or not. As a result, it builds trust. At best, video content with positive customer feedback increase the possibility of pushing the website higher on search engine results until such time that the website or page appears on the first page of the search engine. 

To ensure the possibility of increasing site visibility, it is deemed necessary to write powerful titles as well as descriptions. The 2-3 sentences found in the descriptions of trending YouTube  videos is one of the most important components that help search engines and audiences understand more clearly what the video is all about. Short but concise video descriptions are what visitors see when they search for videos that they are interested in.

4. Videos Encourage Sharing

Businesses that depend greatly on social media platforms to market their services may have noticed a spike in the number of videos being shared every minute on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels     . 

This is the age of viral videos, which is why it is easier to gain visibility by using compelling stories or engaging content that will persuade viewers to share or post the video on their profile . It is best to create informational how-to videos that enrich the viewers’ knowledge about the brand or about significant events that are closely related to what the business represents.

The Bottom Line

Video marketing will continue to be the norm in this ever-changing world as videos have effectively contributed to the increase in engagements, conversions, and brand loyalty. 

The audience for video marketing content is continuously increasing; thus, the use of videos to market one’s products or services will also significantly continue to increase.

Virtual Assistant Supplier is a company that ensures you accomplish your company’s key objectives. You can entrust us with the basic and most complicated tasks required in keeping your business afloat and boosting your efficiency, competence and productivity.

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