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Task delegation is one of the leading challenges that entrepreneurs face when it comes to maintaining efficiency among all their employees.

One reason for this is that it is really hard to anticipate when the business will require hiring a full-time employee.

Hiring a full-time employee means acquiring an additional layer of help to regulate business operations and fortify the efficiency of a company.

This is true especially for small businesses that operate with limited manpower. 

With insufficient resources and staff, it can be difficult for businesses to continue operating as smoothly as possible.

Eventually, small business owners are left with no other viable option, but to hire a remote staff to fill in the gaps with their in-house employees.

Remote staff or more popularly known as Virtual Assistants are independent contractors who often work remotely. They usually work as freelancers to execute tasks commonly delegated to a company’s administrative, clerical and support staff.

Hiring a virtual assistant provides startups and small to mid-sized businesses with tons of advantages. One good reason is it helps free up time for entrepreneurs to focus more on revenue-generating strategies to help their business grow faster.

Another great benefit of working with remote staff is it enables business owners to scale their team easier and assign them on more critical, high-value activities.

For starters, it can be a bit confusing to delegate a specific set of tasks that will best suit a virtual assistant’s setup.

Indeed, virtual assistants offer a wider range of expertise and assistance, making it a must for business owners to carefully plan out how they will employ remote services.

Below is a list of tasks or job titles that have been proven effective and suitable in a setting where a business hires remote employees:


It is true that businesses, especially startups, have an unquenchable thirst for acquiring trending information that involves the industry where it belongs and the customers it targets.

This is crucial for a business to stand out and be on par with their competitors. Collecting data on the market landscape is essential for every business’ growth.

These data may include, but not be  limited to:

  • Data on prospective clients, to help businesses devise more relevant sales presentations
  • Research on strategies for business development
  • Research for relevant product ideas related to the business’ niche or industry

Ideally, business and market research should be a continuous process. It must also be able to penetrate through all available resources in order to provide a comprehensive reference for the business.

Having an in-house employee to do these tasks is good. However, problems arise when employees assigned to do research tasks are also delegated to complete other vital responsibilities involved in the business.

On the other hand, hiring a virtual assistant can help the business acquire a more organized and focused research output. Virtual Assistants (VAs) are well-placed to handle any research-related tasks. 

Take our remote agents at Virtual Assistant Suppliers, for instance. VAs assigned to our company’s Research Assistant Services are well-geared to scour every corner of the internet to seek excellent marketing opportunities.

They are knowledgeable with data gathering tactics that help our clients achieve relevant information instrumental in speeding up their business’ growth.


The current generation is comprised of social media savvy individuals. As such, building an online presence for startups and small businesses through the various social media platforms available is key.

Social media presence helps businesses maintain their pace in the ever-changing business industry.

A virtual assistant can be a viable resource for managing and maintaining a business’ or startup’s social media presence. There are VAs available who are well-knowledgeable with how to maneuver different social media platforms.

Virtual assistants specializing in social media management are likewise familiar with specific guidelines on how to project a business’ branding, reach its target audience, and devise content relevant to what the business aims to promote.

At Virtual Assistant Supplier’s, we offer Social Media Assistant Services that can help boost social media marketing strategies for different businesses.

Our VAs can conduct research that can help any business stay on trend by carefully measuring, translating and analyzing each of their social media pages’ performance metrics.

They are also able to maximize the brand’s visibility by scheduling posts for all the business’s social media accounts. More importantly, our virtual assistants consistently ensure that brand engagement is well-maintained.


Spending time with tons of emails can be tedious especially when there are still tons of other important tasks that must be accomplished. It is best to assign this task to remote staff.

Entrusting the business’ inbox to a VA does not only help lighten the workload; it also enables business owners to readjust their focus on more high-value tasks.

It helps them maximize their time to accommodate a wider range of activities vital to the implementation of the business’ goals and strategies.

Not only that, organizing and responding to work-related emails becomes more well-managed, since the virtual assistant will now be concentrated solely on regulating the company’s external communications.

Hiring a VA from Virtual Assistant Supplier can provide a lot of advantages. Virtual Assistant Supplier’s remote staff are well-trained to handle calls, emails, and chats. They are experienced and able to manage inquiries and other customer concerns and feedback.


Being a professional business owner means that they are always occupied with meetings and ideas related to their company. Since they have a lot on their plate, they are prone to missing out on a lot of important activities in their day-to-day schedule.

Employing a virtual assistant can take over calendar management with more ease. They can help in sorting and organizing business appointments, sales meetings, and aid in planning and organizing events.

Virtual assistants can be the key to ironing out any discrepancies in a company’s schedule, thus maintaining balance among all upcoming activities that the in-house staff and business owner need to address.

Virtual Assistant Supplier’s VAs are adept at executing a wide range of administrative tasks, and this includes managing different schedules for companies of different sizes. They are able to maintain an organized business calendar with round-the-clock availability.


The best thing about virtual assistants is their flexibility in handling tasks of varying tier or level. From advanced digital marketing responsibilities to less complicated secretarial undertakings, businesses can count on the efficiency of remote workers.

Companies can take advantage of the fact that with the remote setting of virtual assistants, they are able to multitask and accomplish more.

For instance, a virtual assistant handling secretarial work can send ‘Thank You’ notes to all the business’ previous clients while assisting in the creation of a new timetable for the company’s upcoming events.

VAs can also arrange meetings and handle certain calls in case the client is not available to talk or converse on the phone.

Virtual Assistants are consistently defining and reshaping the corporate workplace. They are slowly being recognized as key players in ensuring a business fulfills its main objectives and goes beyond its limitations.

Are you in need of a Virtual Assistant?

We at Virtual Assistant Supplier can provide them for you. Simply list down all your business demands and we are more than happy to set arrangements and deploy our well-trained Virtual Assistants to give a helping hand and meet all the requirements for your business. 

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