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Investing In Hiring A Virtual Assistant For Your Business

Virtual assistant services have been aiding numerous businesses for quite some time now. Despite the success of virtual assistant services, there remains a misconception that small companies have about it.

They tend to misconceive that hiring a virtual assistant is only applicable for big companies. Little do they know, the majority of both big and small are very much welcome to outsource projects and tasks to virtual assistants.

Even startups can benefit from virtual assistant services, since tasks that require less management but are still considered overhead, along with pressing issues in the workforce that need viable solutions can be provided by hiring remote workers. 

Allowing oneself to get stuck within the mindset that hiring a virtual assistant is not worth it can result to failure for some businesses.

This is because business owners realize that although they have the right skills and the company is doing well, maximizing the 9 hours of work every day is still not enough to uplift and thrust their businesses to success.

To be able to expand this context further, we at Virtual Assistant Supplier have condensed the most common reasons why having a VA outranks employing an in-house assistant:

  • Hiring a VA lessens the time needed for business owners to find the right person who can fulfill a certain task. VAs, on the other hand, are well-geared to be deployed anytime.
  • Hiring a VA costs less than hiring an in-house employee. In-house employment requires a lot of resources such as training resources, insurance and employee benefits to name some.

    Unlike in hiring a VA, there is no need to worry about shouldering their benefits and training expenses as they are paid based on the tasks they are hired for. If not, VAs can also be paid based on the length of the work that they have completed for the company.
  • Hiring an office-based employee can be time-consuming. Whereas, VAs are always ready to work on the go. They can work even with contrasting time zones. Business owners likewise do not need to worry about tardiness and absenteeism since VAs can work flexibly at home.

It is undeniable that manpower and time are among the main challenges that small businesses have been facing for a very long time. That is why now is the perfect time to consider hiring a virtual assistant.

Thanks to the power of the internet, business owners can now connect seamlessly with available virtual assistants based both locally and internationally.

To be able to determine the efficacy of a business’ choices for their ideal virtual assistant, there are certain questions that need to be answered before hiring one.

The sole purpose of hiring a virtual assistant to gain profit from this choice and execute more tasks and projects while generating the most excellent outcome possible.

Virtual assistants have a wide array of professions that give businesses the opportunity to choose what to outsource, whether it focuses on simple administrative tasks to more complex responsibilities involving the management of the business.

When opting to hire a VA, business owners should consider answering the following questions:

Do I really need to hire a VA?

If the company is continuously being overwhelmed with different priorities and tasks, then perhaps it is the right time to employ a VA as they can handle and help regulate all overhead tasks and responsibilities.

These tasks can include, answering emails, scheduling appointments, managing all of the business’s social media accounts, to name a few.

What type of VA should I hire that could address my company’s needs?

So far, there are two options for hiring a VA: One is to employ a VA individually (more commonly known as hiring freelancers); while the other option is to hire an agency specializing in virtual assistant services.

The first option is most suitable if a company wishes to delegate a minimal number of tasks. The second option works best if companies wish to delegate tasks that require a higher level of skills and experiences.

Virtual assistant agencies are also the best option for businesses looking to hire more than one VA. It is important to choose the option that best addresses the company’s needs and helps the business grow.

The determining factor should likewise include the size of the project, its importance, and the cost or rate offered to the VA.

Choosing between a freelance virtual assistant or a virtual assistant agency

Hire a freelance VA if…

…the company is a startup or has relatively limited budget but requires additional manpower. The inclusion of a single virtual assistant is significantly more affordable.

It also allows the business to focus more on bigger and more critical tasks. Another advantage of hiring a freelancer or an individual VA is that they can be trained to work and adapt according to the nature and demands of the business.

It is also easier to make the virtual assistant adapt to the company’s specific culture and environment.

Hire a VA company if…

…the company is in need of a larger amount of employees or if they require a more specific and advanced set of skills that could address and match the business’s needs.

Unlike individual VAs, VA companies or agencies can manage and carry out an entire project no matter how big it can be. Hence, they can be a great addition to a business’ existing team in helping to boost its productivity and growth.

Virtual assistant agencies help lessen the occurrence of common mistakes that freelancers and office-based employees tend to repeat due to their lack of knowledge and experience.

Although hiring a company is much more expensive than that of hiring an individual virtual assistant, conducting recalculation on the company’s existing budget can help assess which option works best for the company’s needs.

However, as expensive as it may be, companies offering virtual assistant services often charge clients at a reasonable price. Some agencies offer payment packages, each with rates, payment terms and a range of services that suit varying client demands.

In this manner, business owners will not have to worry about spending in excess on additional services that they will not be needing.

Outsourcing is a practical option for both big and small businesses. Virtual assistant services are proof of this. With virtual assistants, a huge chunk of the tasks involved in the company’s growth can be regulated more effectively.

Virtual Assistant Supplier is a company that ensures you accomplish your company’s key objectives. You can entrust us with the basic and most complicated tasks required in keeping your business afloat and boosting your efficiency, competence and productivity.

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