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Outstanding content increases engagement and boosts credibility and website traffic. 

Fresh, high-quality, and relevant content generate more leads and conversions as it conveys the values that a company is able to contribute to its target audience. When a well-written content is able to answer the questions that target audiences have about a certain service or product, or if it provides the right level of entertainment for its readers, then it will inevitably boost audience engagement and help boost the business’ credibility. Good quality content is one of the crucial factors that attract possible leads to a business.

Today, business leaders are constantly brainstorming various ways to enhance their content marketing strategy. Fortunately, business owners can now hire their very own team of expert virtual assistant content writers to aid them in handling different types of content writing that is substantial for their business’ success.

Most business owners expect all writers to be adept at writing all types of content. However, that may not always be true for all writers. Each virtual assistant content writer has their own strong points and specialties when it comes to creating custom-built content that will represent what the business’ core values and objectives are. Below are three of the most common types of remote content writers commonly hired by big and small businesses:

What are the three most common types of content writers?

1. Blog writer

A blog writer is someone who writes articles for other companies. They are knowledgeable about a variety of topics and they are also well-versed when it comes to creating engaging content for a subject they are tasked to write about. Since blog writers are assigned with different topics and niches most of the time, business owners can expect them to possess excellent research skills as well. Excellent writing skills paired with a good eye for research enable blog writers to search for valuable content and references on different search engines. 

Blog writers understand that original content is the key; thus, they only gather important information from search engines to be used as a basis when they are creating content. If a subject matter is too complicated, they may take on interviewing known experts on the subject matter or opt to find studies related to the topic to add credibility to their content.

Furthermore, blog writers are not hired for the sole purpose of creating articles. They consider the benefit that their work may bring to the company; hence, when writing blog titles, they brainstorm titles that may have the highest click-through potential. On top of that, they tend to have SEO expertise which leads them to optimize content by including relevant keywords, meta tags, title tags as well as internal and external links.

2. Brand Journalist

A brand journalist ensures that a company receives the value that it should earn from the public by creating compelling stories and other engaging content that will be instrumental in boosting the company’s reputation and brand. In traditional marketing, companies used to hire PR firms to write press releases that PR officers pitch to journalists. Branding through content writing is different today, thanks to the emergence of brand journalists. They are storytellers for companies who have the capability to publish their own content. 2

Brand journalists are also called ‘brand ambassadors’. A dependable brand journalist must be trained in conveying a story through different perspectives in order to catch the interest of customers. Apart from that, they are also adept at using an informative type of narration and a clear and concise way of writing content. All content written by brand journalists must feature topics and issues that instantly tickle the fancy of the company’s target readers. Whether the aim of the content is to spark curiosity, start a debate or entice people to sign up for a brand’s promotions, the end result of most brand journalists’ work is always enhanced publicity for the brand.

Brand journalists’ written output often portray a brand positively. Once a press release is completed,  it is uploaded on the business’ website. It is also pitched to the right people for media publication.

Some of the types of content that brand journalists create include:

  • Interviews
  • Internal communications
  • Customer stories
  • Press releases
  • Boilerplates
  • Company bios
  • Brand stories

3. Copywriter

A copywriter is responsible for writing content for brochures, websites, emails, catalogs, and billboards that are used for advertisement.  Readers sometimes need to be urged to take the necessary step for a business to thrive, and that is how copywriters come into play. They influence readers to purchase or engage with a product or company by creating content for advertisements. The context of advertisements created by copywriters should always be in line with a company’s agenda. It is important to note, however, that copywriters are not limited to promoting a product or service alone. They are also in charge of writing content that educates a company’s target audience. This means that they are flexible writers who can write impressive topics based on varying business needs.

Versatile and quick learner copywriters can also do the following:

  • Infographics
  • Industry reports
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales collateral
  • Website copy
  • White papers

The Bottom Line: Content Writing is the Key

Content writing in today’s digitally operated world continues to provide businesses with countless ways to dominate the industry where they belong. Professional content writers have an in-depth understanding towards what a businesses’ core audience perceives to be of great value; hence, they come up with various ways to use their skills and sell their client’s business online. This action leads to the increase of the business’s ranking on search engines along with the consequent boost in their ROI.

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