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Blogs have been helping a lot of business websites for quite some time in terms of website traffic, conversion rates, and website visibility. Blogging also helps businesses gain trust from their customers by simply providing them with informational content about the products, services and the brand it is promoting.

However, as prolific as it may seem, blogging is not an easy job at all. Creating a blog requires lots of time and effort. Blogging requires different factors in order to propel it to a higher level. Otherwise, a blog will become a mere block of texts that don’t make any difference in all aspects. This is especially true for business owners who don’t have the talents in generating such enticing content.

At present, there are several virtual content writers offering blog writing or content writing services via the internet. Virtual content writers are individuals capable of addressing the content requirements of a particular business. They work remotely and while writing blogs, press releases, promotional content and even case studies for their clients.

Why hire a virtual content writer?

Hiring a virtual content writer easens the workload for most businesses while enabling a more appropriate distribution of time and resources for other aspects of growing the business. Their knowledge and skills are instrumental in enhancing a business’s edge over bigger competitors in the market. 

Here’s how:


Blogs posted on a business’ website or page should represent the company’s objectives, products, and services. In some instances, business owners do have topic ideas that they believe will suit their blog page best. The problem is that they struggle to interpret it through writing.  Fortunately, this is one of the strengths of a virtual content writer. A good and relevant topic is needed to create or produce an excellent blog that businesses can use to enhance their online branding strategy. 

Virtual content writers can either refer to their employer’s idea or they can come up with their own. Since this is their forte, they can produce content in a very articulate manner. They are adept at using compelling images that can potentially highlight the blog itself. They are able to use enticing keywords and understand how to produce content that makes use of the most suitable keywords while adhering to the rules of SEO and search engine algorithms.

At times, business owners and their teams can run out of ideas for their blog pages. To prevent this from happening, virtual content writers can work hand-in-hand with them in creating a content calendar. A content calendar contains a list of topics and sources carefully arranged to aid in planning a business’ monthly blogging and content creation schedule. Creating a blog post bank helps keep a business’s monthly marketing plan in-check and well-organized. Content calendars are likewise useful as a reference for determining which topics respond best to the target audience.


Aside from producing compelling content, virtual content writers can also help promote the blog post on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Promoting one’s blog is crucial. Great content will be useless if there is not enough visibility. With the help of a virtual content writer, businesses are able to anticipate when and where a blog should be posted. Content can also be customized depending on the demographic that the business aims to reach.

Virtual content writers can instigate great partnerships between their client and other business owners through guest blogging, promoting a brand’s blog site, or adding links to the business partner’s website in the blog’s content. This way, people with the same preferences can easily check both blogs. Guest blogging and cross-promotion are both known to effectively boost website traffic not only to the virtual content writer’s website but also to the guest blogging and the partnered business’ site.


Posting blogs regularly with just the right mix of promotions done by a virtual content writer will eventually help a business blog site grow. Once this happens, the blog site will start receiving tons of comments from readers regarding a particular blog post. It is important to note that people can send both positive and negative reactions to each post. The writing approach used in a blog can be targeted to a more general audience, yet still more specific concerns and opinions from different readers.

This is where the moderation skills of virtual content writers enter the picture.

Virtual content writers can be given authority on the blog site to reply to comments, segregate appropriate from inappropriate ones approve the appropriate ones and disapprove those that are not. Also, this can help avoid any spam posts. By doing this, the comment section of the blog can be a great avenue for people in the same niche to communicate with one another while the website gains more traffic.

This opens the opportunity for the business to have direct communication with readers as well as maintain an ever-engaging presence on the internet. It also helps increase the engagement and conversion rate for the business. More importantly, maintaining and promoting good conversation among readers can improve the website’s credibility as well. 

Virtual content writers can come with different personalities as well as different strengths and weaknesses. The one thing that most remote writers share in common is their skills can be a key component in boosting the online visibility and overall credibility of a website or brand. 

Hire a virtual content writer now with our content writing services here at Virtual Assistant Services! Our top-tiered content writers ensure you provide the finest content relevant to your services so you can entice the right audience, build the right networks for your brand and continue propelling your business towards a more positive growth!

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