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Starting a business undergoes several different phases before a stable momentum can be achieved. Going through each phase can be quite stressful for new business owners. Not to mention, overcoming all the initial hurdles of running a new business also means facing bigger challenges in order to ensure the business’ growth is continuous. 

Setbacks are inevitable in new ventures. It can be experienced with the business’ clients, facilities, investments and even with its resources and manpower. When not handled with the most practical and viable solution available, these obstacles could impact the business negatively, and the effects can possibly be something that the company has to endure long-term.

One of the more contemporary and effective solutions for helping startups and new businesses, is the acquisition of virtual assistants. Thanks to their flexibility in a wide range of roles and tasks, virtual assistants can be the superweapon of any business to keep their business growing. 

But what should businesses do to get the most out of their virtual assistants?

Below are the three highly recommended ways on how virtual assistant services can be maximized for every business:

1. Conduct Background Checks for Remote Applicants

Knowing the staff that an entrepreneur will be working with plays a crucial role in hiring a virtual assistant. It is important to do the same method of hiring for an in-house employee when hiring a virtual assistant. Conducting an interview can be a viable option to learn more about the applicant’s work experience as well as their knowledge and grasp of the job they are applying for. Interviewing virtual assistants likewise helps business owners determine whether they are suitable for the position or not. 

There are certain factors that must be taken into consideration when checking a remote applicant’s work history. Some of these include:

  • The applicant should have an outstanding command or at least a good grasp of the English language. English is a universal language that is used widely across different businesses and countries. Having a good command of the said language helps avoid language barriers and possible misunderstandings between the employer and the applicant. 
  • The employer should consider requiring a well-detailed CV or resume for each and every interview. This way, it enables the employer or interviewer to learn more about the applicant’s background, strengths, weaknesses and qualifications for the job.
  • As a part of the interview, conduct exercises related to the job role that will test the applicants’ knowledge, experience and efficiency. Exercises are also a great way to measure and determine whether an applicant’s resume bears facts or fabricated information about their work experience.
  • Lastly, it is important to know whether the applicant is eager to work in the company, particularly in terms of schedule changes and the starting rate. Are they exhibiting a sincere reflection of the company’s mission and vision? What about their attitude towards work?

Business owners should also bear in mind that while there can be a lot of virtual assistants available, it all comes down to the quality of the services that they can offer.

2. Be Concise With Instructions and Practice an Organized Work System

Business owners who hire virtual assistants tend to fall into the misconception that virtual assistant can do everything “virtually” (hence, the name). However, it is still important to know that they are still human and not machines. They still need concise instructions on what they need to do and what the company expects from them. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide clear and detailed instructions on the tasks that will be assigned to their virtual assistants. 

Always maintain an organized list of instructions to minimize mistakes and miscommunication on the part of the remote staff.

3. Provide a Learning Environment for Virtual Assistants

Although they may not be working within the four corners of the company’s office, virtual assistants should still be considered as a vital component in the growth of the business. Assigning them tasks that enable them to learn new things relevant to their job description is advisable. Encouraging virtual assistants to go beyond what they already know enables them to step outside their comfort zones and embrace new experiences instrumental in nurturing their skills.

Another way to do this is to establish rapport between the business owner and the virtual assistant. Virtual Assistants don’t need to be physically present in order to have this kind of connection with their employer. Whenever there are company or department meetings where their roles are involved, ask for their suggestions or opinions on the topic. Provide them an opportunity to share their perspectives, especially if the VA’s tasks are very crucial for the success of the project they are assigned to. By making them feel that their contributions are valued, it can greatly enhance not only their performance but also their relationship with the company. Making these as a habit can improve their skills and efficiency greatly. In most cases, virtual assistants become so motivated that they tend to work with extra effort. 


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