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82% of marketers who blog see a positive ROI from their inbound marketing.

Valuable and interactive content is a high-value asset that leaves a long-lasting positive impression on customers. With the advent of the Internet era, it is tough to rise above the crowded market without strategically promoting your business. There are thousands of dedicated and active businesses online who may have the same products or services you are offering; hence, curating the content of great value should be a priority in your game plan. 

Well-written content is a powerful tool to attract people to visit your site time and time again, as they constantly look for avenues that feed them with useful information. It is worth noting that the content’s main purpose has evolved; producing it helps separate your business from the rest of the pack. It should increase brand visibility and credibility in such a way that when people search online, they will be able to find your content which will serve as the bridge to familiarise themselves with your company and expertise. 

Now that you have an overview of the importance of a constant stream of valuable content to your marketing strategies, let us break down the specific significant benefits of content writing.

1. Strengthens Brand Reputation

In today’s world, leads and customers’ preferences have shifted in a manner that ads are no longer the #1 factor that attracts them to your site. With the emergence of millions of free yet informative ‘how-to’ content, people expect that every site they visit contains what they need.  Thus, when they are unable to find any beneficial tips on your site, they switch to another page, simple as that. This scenario is what your business wants to avoid as you would not wish to leave a bad impression on your potential and existing customers. With this, it is worth noting that constantly uploading great content that speaks to your audience will build the trust of your audience. 

Additionally, content of great value will help your business establish a reputation as an industry leader. When consumers read your content, they will either develop a positive or negative impression of your brand. In a nutshell, when they realize that your content is true to your brand and is engaging and educational, they will start to form a good impression of your business. Therefore, it is essential to be consistent in producing high-quality content that grabs your target audiences’ attention. To further increase the likability and accessibility of your brand, coordinate with third-party publications to publish your worthwhile content.

2. Increases Conversions

Content marketing provides 6 times higher conversion rates compared to other digital marketing methods. 

High-quality content is the tool that educates which in turn can serve as an instrument to build rapport with your target market. Apart from building trust and connection, content also provides information that helps consumers in their final purchasing decision. It informs them of the best choice which will lead to a great buying experience; therefore, before creating content, researching what your target audience really need is of vital importance.

Another item to consider is a clear call-to-action (CTA) which guides the audience on the next step they need to do, for example, purchasing, obtaining additional information, or getting in touch with your sales team. When creating a CTA in your content, the purpose should be to convert prospects and clients into buying customers.

3. Improves SEO

Search engines need a large volume of content it can index that appears on users’ search engine results. SEO and content complement each other; thus, having various blogs with effective keywords provides an opportunity for your business to rank higher as your core audience search for relevant information using the keywords in your blog. 

Here are other benefits of text-based content in terms of SEO:

a. Click-through rate (CTR) enables your site to rank higher on search engines. Google considers your website to have valuable content the more you get CTRs. This is one factor that the search engine considers when ranking your website.

b. Backlinks is one of the top SEO strategies, where another website links your content in their own blog. The said action is an indicator for Google that your content is credible enough to rank higher. 

c. User Experience should always be considered; thus, producing quality and keyword-rich content and generating backlinks as well as building a website that is easy to navigate is part of every SEO strategy which promotes a great user experience. 

4. Boosts Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel refers to the customer’s journey with your brand from the initial stages to the purchasing stage. Having a clear understanding of the buyer’s needs and journey helps you create different yet effective marketing tactics which include awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy to maximize conversion. 

To leverage content to your advantage, it is crucial to consider three major elements:

a. Top-of-Funnel (TOFU) is the awareness stage wherein customers accept the fact that they have existing problems that have possible solutions. At this stage, great content can help them decide the right solution.

b. Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU) is the consideration stage where leads are exploring the possible products or services to be the solution to their problem. At this point, valuable content should provide options leads can choose from to help them find the best possible solution.

c. Bottom-of-Funnel (BOFU) is the conversion stage; hence, informative content’s main purpose is to encourage leads to make that final buying decision.

5. Supports Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Email marketing, social media and PPC ads are some of the marketing strategies available which your business can use to draw the attention of your core audience to your website. While they seem to be different in nature, they all have a common feature which is superior content. Digital marketing campaigns will not be effective with the absence of engaging content.

Email marketing for one should incorporate interesting content that will encourage readers to move to the next stage. Previously created top-quality content can also be used to increase and sustain leads provided that the content is intended to direct leads to the marketing funnel. 

Evidently, without content, your business will not be able to translate ideas into words. Words are like embers that have the ability to become fire when you stir and fan them.

The Takeaway

Content of premium quality is a major factor in lead generation which contributes to the consistent traffic that businesses receive to grow and increase sales. The bright side of content marketing is it is fairly affordable compared to traditional marketing. With its effectiveness, businesses see a remarkable return on their investment over a period of time. Bearing that in mind, it is crucial to create strategic content that will yield profit.

It is a well-known fact that business leaders like yourself may not have time to create the content of superior quality consistently for the reason that time for innovation strategies is also of utmost importance. In this respect, you can check this agency as they have professional writers with terrific writing skills who are able to produce a wide variety of content that will speak for your brand and convert your prospects and clients to buying customers.


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