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Top 5 marketing tasks for virtual assistants

It is undeniable that, nowadays, virtual assistants play a vital role in the marketing strategy of a company. Since many of the tasks are now digital, marketing, as a term, is now often interchanged with digital marketing.

Digital marketing requires some level of skill and expertise in order to have a successful outcome, and these skills can be acquired through proper tools and training. Fortunately, through online communication apps and training platforms, virtual assistants can now achieve their expertise and skills without hassle. Training can also be conducted by the company smoothly online.

However, the challenge for business owners is the process of hiring. This can be stressful but once successful can generate great outcomes. When hiring a virtual assistant for marketing tasks, businesses need to ensure the VA has a background or knowledge in content writing and how SEO works. With such, marketing duties will be carried out properly and will have positive results.

Digital marketing tasks for virtual assistants can include the following:

1. Content Writing

Content writing can be the core of a successful marketing strategy. Every marketing effort made without the assistance of relevant and appropriate content will have no effect. Considering the initial purpose of marketing, to reach the maximum number of customers and increase visibility, proper content will keep the marketing strategy alive. Creating appropriate content will get the attention of your target audience, furthermore high-quality content will reflect the legitimacy and professionalism of the company. 

Hiring capable people to create professional-quality content is a winning move for business owners. The entire task of content writing includes planning, developing, creating, publishing, and performance tracking. This can take too much time for one employee, fortunately, this can now be outsourced to a virtual content writer. Now, these employees can concentrate on their other duties.

Owners will be assured that they will have relevant and appropriate content for their social media accounts and websites to sustain their marketing plans.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is arguably the most effective strand of digital marketing nowadays when it comes to reaching target consumers. Due to the number of people utilizing such platforms, it has become very trendy and effective for businesses.

When it comes to increasing visibility, brand awareness, and engagement with potential customers, social media has already proven its effectiveness. Despite how easy it may seem, social media management can be tricky and challenging. People behind these accounts are expected to produce relevant but at the same time engaging and attractive content to build up followers. Also, tasks that include posting, liking, sharing, retweeting, and commenting can take up a lot of time if given to an office employee, therefore, allocating it to a VA can increase the productivity of the company.

3. Email Marketing

One of the classics of digital marketing, email marketing still has an edge. Despite the rise of social media, electronic mail still caters to target customers in the more formal arena. It is a more personal and professional way of engaging with clients or target markets.

Successful email marketing can be done through creating a substantial subscriber list that can be acquired through your own website or by conducting in-depth research. The challenge for companies is to create email content that recipients would actually open,  read, and respond to. It takes some brainstorming from the team and will require proper handling by a capable person for the job. The goal is to come up with an informative but definitely not boring output.

Once again, it becomes a battle of content and strategy. Email content may include a list of products, personal offers, promos, discount coupons, personal greetings, newsletters, and eBooks. The person to handle email marketing will be assigned content creation, designing, scheduling, and sending these emails. Thus hiring an expert virtual assistant will make this more personal and direct marketing a sure success.

4. Video Marketing

Nowadays many people, particularly Millenials and Gen Z, have become more inclined to the visual aspects of marketing.

One of the more successful marketing tactics is done by creating video content. These videos are very versatile as they can be used for both social media accounts and the website. They may include creative visualization of different services or products offered by a company or simply just promoting the business itself.

Such a task can be a heavy burden for business owners since it requires copywriting, video production, and some SEO tasks. Thus, entrusting it to a virtual assistant can be a big reduction in the duties of these owners or employees. Outsourcing to the VA will give them the tasks of video strategy planning, youtube channel audit, youtube optimization, and video production. With such, companies and employees can now focus on their other duties without being bothered by failing video production.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a very crucial and vital part of digital marketing. Most of the marketing efforts done by the team, no matter how good they are, can be wasted without SEO guidance and optimization. Successful SEO helps the business to be at the top of search engines, which is an ultimate goal for the online world so that they can be found by potential customers.

SEO tasks can include creating traffic to websites, solving keyword algorithms, conducting website and competitor analysis, and even incorporating new-generation SEO through creating relevant content and conducting research. Outsourcing this to an experienced virtual assistant will not only save employees time and effort but will ensure the tasks are completed at the highest standard.

Despite the hesitation of some business owners, the benefits that a company reaps from a virtual assistant is undeniable. There are virtual assistants that are highly skilled and are experts in their own fields that can really help small and emerging businesses. Additionally, virtual assistants are usually a more affordable option than training existing employees or hiring new office-based employees.

Marketing is an important factor in establishing a name, reputation, and a firm loyal customer base for startups, thus hiring a VA is a sure win. The most important part of introducing VAs to the company is actually locating the perfect VA, and eventually proper management and leadership.

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