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Your content can either be your positive or negative voice.

Every piece of content leaves a significant impact on customers. Content speaks volumes for businesses as it manifests their competence in relation to the products or services they are offering, along with a deep understanding of what their core audience thinks as essential. 

Having compelling content that defines a business is dependent on the quality of content that writers produce. From this perspective, hiring content writers must involve a thorough and detailed recruitment process to make certain that all content shared over the internet will perpetually leave a positive impression. 

Today, content writers can either have a designated table in an office at which they brainstorm ideas that fit the company’s brand OR produce well-written content while working remotely. In fact, the number of businesses outsourcing their content writing needs is growing as they are able to save 78% on operating costs

Businesses outsourcing content writing to virtual assistants requires a more rigorous search for professional qualities of their virtual assistant to ensure the smooth flow of communication when conveying company goals and such. 

What are the qualities that businesses should look for in a virtual assistant content writer?

1. Impeccable grammar and proofreading skills

Writing does not end at the conclusion. After writing a long piece of content, the next step is proofreading to make certain that there are no spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes as well as redundant and overused words. Poor grammar and spelling will undeniably mar a company’s established great reputation; thus, a great virtual assistant content writer understands this principle and puts it into practice. 


Listen intently and observe when interviewing virtual assistant content writers as their way of articulating their words will clearly show whether they have impeccable grammar. Grammar and proofreading tests also have a way of indicating the English skills of an applicant. 

2. SEO skills

The main purpose of creating content is to reach the maximum number of people who would be enticed to learn more about businesses’ certain products or services. Content that is capable of being easily searched is clear evidence that the content has SEO-friendly titles and descriptions; thus, it is worthy to say that great virtual assistant content writers who make businesses rank higher on search engines have a solid understanding of how to maximize the use of keywords. 


Request for their previous work. Ask for titles and links to see if the pieces of content they have written appear on the first three pages of search engines. 

3. Research skills

Most often than not, virtual assistant content writers are able to create well-written content by researching a vast array of information on the internet. They recognize valuable content over what is not; therefore, they solely base their output on reliable resources. While an interview with experts could also be a great option, time constraints are likely to be a problem. 


Find out how they research their topics and their resources and the list of reputable websites where they base their content. 

4. Adaptability skills

The digital marketing landscape is full of changes. Digital trends and customer preferences change over time as humans live in a world that accepts what is trending and rejects what is perceived as unpopular. Good virtual assistant content writers know how to adapt to the constant changes that bring new trends. None of the changes matter to them as they are able to fully dance with the tide. 


Ask them about the biggest challenges they have encountered during their content writing career and how they managed to face them.

5. Strong Writing Voice and Tone.

What captivates the heart of customers? It is the captivating and inspiring voice an article has. Plain text doesn’t have a voice, but effective virtual assistant content writers are able to translate their words and brand voice well for customers to feel the connection. On top of that, they can write in a variety of tones, and the tones – professional, drama, humor, sophisticated, or informal – precisely reflects companies’ values and personality. 

Tip: Ask them to send all of their published articles, and analyze whether their writing can engage customers and get them to want to read their work time and again. 

The Bottom Line

Virtual assistant content writers have had a massive contribution to how entrepreneurs run their business. Today, businesses are able to spread brand awareness through the beautifully written content of VA content writers. Being located in different parts of the world means that they are usually multilingual as well as being adept at using the English language. While it is only natural to be skeptical towards outsourcing content writing, finding the right VA content writers by considering the above top five qualities they possess will erase all doubts and ensure successfully hiring competent VA content writers. 

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