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Based on the internet’s current structure and how extensively the ranking factors of search engines have improved, it is highly likely that audiences will open the first three websites that appear on the search results for their queries. 

There are several competitive brands emerging online and maintaining 100% visibility—let alone securing any of the first three spots in search results—can be very challenging.

In order to gain maximum exposure, a business is required to employ the help of an SEO expert with sufficient background on how to optimize the company’s website and social media presence to boost its relevance and authority across various search engines.

It can be quite difficult to find an SEO expert, especially for startups and small businesses. 

Thankfully, entrepreneurs who are having a hard time finding an experienced and knowledgeable personnel to work in-house can always rely on the resources available online.

SEO virtual assistants are steadily growing in number, as virtual services are proving to be a necessity and advantage for businesses.

Virtual assistants adept at SEO have in-depth expertise in assessing specific improvements or areas on a business’ online presence and branding strategies that need improvement. They are also knowledgeable in operating the most essential tools for search engine optimization, a skill that enables them to analyze and implement the necessary changes that will help make websites better optimized for users and search engines. More importantly, SEO VAs can aid a business’ marketing team in developing more effective approaches for generating higher website traffic.

In simpler terms, an SEO virtual assistant is responsible for keyword analysis, copywriting, implementing online marketing campaigns, and other strategic approaches in order to get higher ranking on search engines.

The roles of an office-based and remote search engine optimization personnel are basically the same. But with the impact of the pandemic on how businesses would normally operate, hiring an SEO virtual assistant is now a more ideal option.

This article has singled out five benefits that only an SEO virtual assistant can provide.


One of the main strengths of a good SEO personnel is on-page or on-site SEO.

This refers to the practice of optimizing individual web pages to gain improved visibility and gain more traffic. On-page optimization includes both site content and HTML source code.

With an expert SEO personnel handling all the business’s website content, it increases the chances that search engines will understand better what the business is all about and what it aims to bring to its target audience.

Search engines are consistently updated to provide smarter suggestions to user searches and be more adept at addressing more sophisticated queries. As such, it is important to have a reliable SEO virtual assistant working in the background. Otherwise, a business will not be able to keep up with the dynamic standards used by search engines in ranking websites.


Link building is the key for businesses to consistently drive referral traffic and increase their site authority.

Link building is the practice of getting other websites to link back to the business’s website. Google’s algorithm continuously evolves every second, but backlinks are also a search engine’s determining factor on which site should rank higher than the others.

It acts as a signaling factor to Google and other search engines that will show that the business’ website provides quality resources and is worthy of citation. With proper and adequate link building to support a website, attaining higher rankings becomes easier.


Hiring an SEO virtual assistant also means that all the sectors of SEO that requires the right expertise are being handled accordingly.

Advanced SEO involves all technical concepts of search engine optimization as a whole. It encompasses all the contexts regarding Google’s algorithm. Although in-house SEO personnel can learn and implement all these concepts, the advantage of an SEO virtual assistant is they can work on it while on-the-go.

Remember—it is currently more preferable for a business to have an efficient personnel that they can count on to meet work demands, especially if it means exhibiting a genuine desire to learn more and grow.


CRO plays a vital role specifically if a business aims to work on enhancing existing approaches for driving conversions. It helps websites work smarter and eventually generate more qualified leads.

CRO can influence the following key areas of a business website:

  • Homepage – A SEO virtual assistant can easily set a great and lasting impression on visitors that can aid in enhancing the business’ retention and acquisition rates. This is by allowing visitors to focus on links that are being emphasized on product information, or even incorporating chatbot technology that pops up and asks for questions or feedback at any point while the visitor is browsing the website.
  • Pricing Page – CRO amplifies the conversion rate of the website by modifying the pricing interval of products, providing a concise description of products based on pricing, and offering an easy-to-integrate communication channel where customers can request for quotation.
  • Blog Page – A website will not be able to survive the increasing competition without a blog to boost its credibility. The capability to provide both informational and helpful blog posts in a particular niche as well as make the brand more relatable to target audiences effectively converts readers to paying clients. One good way to achieve this is by asking readers to submit their email addresses in exchange for free content like a free guide, an ebook, or newsletters, to name a few. This way, the business can actually collect a wide range of email lists where they can send their campaigns.


Aside from helping the business maximize traffic and generate more conversions and revenue, working with experienced SEO personnel makes businesses more capable of navigating through the dynamic field of Google’s algorithms. In the long run, the assistance of virtual assistants skilled in search engine optimization will also affect how well a business handles advertising and other marketing approaches. This approach is relatively more ideal and cost-efficient, compared to when the business blindly or randomly tries different online advertising trends without a clear understanding of how search engines work and how it will affect their relevance to customers.


Employing an SEO virtual assistant to work and manage one’s business website means that investing a significant amount of budget in return for a cost-effective resource that can help them stay afloat and handle marketing challenges with higher efficiency. All that needs to be done is to make the most out of the skills and expertise of SEO VAs and work hand-in-hand with them, and the result is a systematic and fool-proof strategy towards attaining the business’ objectives and gaining better reception across different search engines and audience demographics.


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